New Release — GlowWorm 1.2!

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We’re excited to announce GlowWorm 1.2 — the “Make a Scene” release!

A GlowWorm scene saves all the settings for your lights and lets you restore settings those with a click. Now you can make a scene for work meetings in Zoom that’s very professional and polished but create another scene for Twitch streaming with rainbow colors and wave effects.

We’ve made it really easy to switch scenes too. Of course you can switch from the main GlowWorm interface, but you can also right click on the dock icon to get a list of scenes or enable the new menu bar helper so your GlowWorm scene is only a few clicks away.

With scenes available, we’ve started adding support for automations. Each scene has a URL that you can use to activate it from another app or workflow. For instance, you can assign a scene URL to a Loupedeck button or use it in a script. This is just the beginning for automation, so stay tuned!

The new version also has a few ‘nice to have’ features like the camera preview. You can switch on the camera preview and see how you look with the lighting setup. Using that, you can tweak the settings so they’re just right when it comes time to be on camera for real. We’ve also got a new setting to sync your lights to your Mac’s display so when the Mac goes to sleep, so do the lights. When the Mac wakes up, they’ll pop right back on too. Great for us forgetful types that wander off with the all the gear on.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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